Job title: Chief Operations Officer, Latin America
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Salary: negotiable
Location: Latin America
Job published: 2023-07-03
Job ID: 32560

Job Description

Alcott Global is currently looking for a Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Latin America.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Develops and executes the firm's strategy by mobilizing key leaders and their teams to align with the strategic thrust of the organization.
  • Ensures the organization's productivity by building a performance culture within the business.
  • Oversees the implementation of all operational plans by agreeing on targets with divisional heads and putting a mechanism for tracking progress.
  • Ensures each division supports the organization's strategy by agreeing on critical goals and targets for all senior leaders.
  • Leads support functions (IT., HR, PR, etc.) by ensuring their mandate aligns with the overall business strategy.
  • Collaborates with the CEO to establish and drive the corporate vision and operational strategy by building a productive working relationship with the CEO.
  • Translates strategy into actions by establishing organizational-wide goal setting, performance management, and yearly operations planning.
  • Ensures the organization complies with all regulatory and policy requirements by instituting periodic business audits.
  • Optimizes all business processes by analyzing and identifying areas for process enhancement.
  • Optimizes capital investments for the business by assessing the return on investment on capital employed.
  • Attracts and retains competent staff by leading in the development of an attractive employer brand for the business.
  • Develops a succession plan for critical roles within the business by collaborating with the CEO and the Board.
  • Ensures business profitability by optimizing resource utilization in all areas of the business.
  • Evaluates company performance by carrying out a periodic evaluation of performance throughout the organization.
  • Leads the effort to get low-cost financing for the company by partnering with internal finance professionals and bankers.
  • Prepares quarterly board reports in collaboration with all divisional heads.
  • Drives company results from an operational and financial perspective by making everyone within the organizational accountable for results.
  • Sets challenging but realistic goals for the organization by engaging senior leaders in the goal-setting process.
  • Drives the budgeting process by working with C-level executives in resource forecasting.
  • Fosters profitable relationships and partnerships by engaging relevant customers and stakeholders.
  • Leads in digitalizing critical business processes by engaging key line leaders on their digitalization requirements.
  • Builds a cost-efficient business mode by periodically reviewing market trends and business resource requirements.


Experience Requirements:

  • 5 years of experience at the senior executive level is a requirement.
  • At least another 5 years at the COO level or equivalent is required.
  • Experience leading other senior-level executives is a mandatory requirement.
  • Experience leading senior executives outside the candidate's experience and educational path is a requirement.
  • Experience managing a diverse group of stakeholders is required.
  • Experience in engaging the Board is mandatory.
  • Experience and exposure to essential business support functions such as HR, Finance, and IT are mandatory requirements.
  • A good understanding of good corporate governance is a requirement.
  • A high level of business acumen is mandatory.
  • High levels of critical thinking are required.
  • Good collaboration skills.
  • Proven experience managing diverse teams.
  • High levels of ethical leadership.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Good presentation skills.
  • Ability to lead the preparation of budgets.
  • Business forecasting skills.